Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Convenitenlty located on the divide between Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, MOVA by Camila Perez – LA has served its Los Angeles clients since 2019, and officially opening its doors in 2021, where talented therapists perform the authentic Brazilian treatment of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Address : MOVA By Camila Perez – Los Angeles


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Our signature massage focused on health, beauty, and relaxation. A combination of:

-Gentle Brazilian lymphatic drainage (to decrease water retention, swelling, and bloating)

-Tissue manipulation (to increase contour and definition)

Lymphatic Drainage Post Plastic Surgery. (Drain excessive fluids and aid healing process for optimal results)

Lymphatic Drainage Post Partum. (Drain excessive fluids and aid healing process for optimal results)
Perfect relief for swollen legs and feet.
Helps to keep optimal circulation and it’s very relaxing.

A very relaxing massage, respecting the physiology for safety. (Recommended only after the first trimester)

Camila Perez

Camila has been an Esthetician and massage therapist since 2003. She is one of the pioneers of Brazilian lymphatic drainage in the United States. Her expertise with this method has been applied to help aesthetics in the USA and has been advancing with great success.

Throughout the years after many different levels of training in the massage field of Body Contour and Lymphatic Drainage, she combines her knowledge into a signature method called Massage High Definition (MHD). MHD is a perfect combination for health, beauty, and relaxation.

It all began in Miami with home calls. Now with her team, her technique, and method she is working in NYC, Los Angeles and Miami.

She travels all around the world looking into new techniques, and is always advancing her knowledge. She has a loyal clientele including several celebrities.

As of today she is the CEO of the family owned company MOVA by Camila Perez.

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